Therapeutic Grade Basic Sampler essential oil for your beautiful glowing skin

Q. Which brand is the best essential oil?

A. There are so many skin care brands which designed some of the best essential oil which is best for your beautiful skin. Here are top 10 brand who made one of the best skins care essential oil:

  1. Young Living Essential Oils
  2. Plant Therapy Essential Oils
  3. Edens Garden Essential Oils
  4. Aura Cacia Essential Oils
  5. Lisse Essential Oils
  6. The Ananda Apothecary
  7. Now Foods Essential Oils
  8. Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils
  9. Rocky Mountain Oils
  10. Doterra Essential Oils

Q. What is the essential oil good for?

A. Basically in aromatherapy treatment Cinnamon Essential Oil is one of the best essential oil used for chest cold, soothe muscle aches and body pains. It has the perfect analgesic and antispasmodic properties with best antiseptic and powerful natural preservative which provides the healthy skin tone that you always prefer for.

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Basic Sampler Essential Oil

A woman always wants a clean & soft beautiful skin. Many women’s have different types of skin tones. Some of them have sensitive skin. That’s why Kis Oil’s gives you 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Basic Sampler Essential Oil. These Essential oils are concentrated with liquid distilled which comes from plants. Some of the oils come from the flowers, leaves, fruits, leaves or plants while others extracted from the bark, seed, and roots resins. There are different types of essential oil which has different types of characteristics and uses. Many essential oils have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal properties which have aromatic characteristics that help to boost your health and general wellbeing. This essential oil can be used around the home also in other activates.

About the product

Kis Therapeutic Essential oil is 100% pure essential oil with the therapeutic grade. We tested the purity and potency of our oils so it will not give any type of skin irritations. 

●This therapeutic essential oil has no fillers, no additive except pure essential oils. We are the one who gave you unwavering commitment to the highest quality products.

●Kis Therapeutic Essential Oil comes with a gift box with 8 amber brown bottles, 10ML with Dropper which will keep your oils fresh and help against light degradation.

●We giving you 100% money back guaranty. If you did not satisfy with our product than we give your money back without asking you any question, even you don’t have to return our product.

This Essential Therapeutic essential oil box contains with a 10ml bottle of Lavender, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Lemon, Frankincense, and Eucalyptus.

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Product Description

*Lavender Oil*

We have our French Lavender which is a perfect soothing essential oil that’s great for creating a bedtime ritual.

*Frankincense Oil*

We have our frankincense which is very resinous essential oil which helps you to feel relaxed and grounded.

*Tea Tree Oil*

One of the world’s best known & beloved essential oil is Tea Tree.  From Native to Australia, it’s very common to apply around the world for a multitude of uses.

*Lemon Oil*

The lemon essential oil is the perfect oil for the skin. It’s commonly known as Limone or Lemon. Lemon Essential Oil has. This oil has a medium-strength clean, citrusy, fresh and fruity aroma which presenting a perfect fragrance note.

*Eucalyptus Oil*

We have our Eucalyptus Oil which is an invigorating essential oil that turns your shower like a sea experience.

*Peppermint Oil*

We have our Peppermint which is a bright and fresh essential oil that instantly leaves you a feeling like a more awake.

*Lemongrass Oil*

Lemongrass is known for helpful addition to outdoor sprays. It is totally refreshing and deodorizing when it diffused also as being uplifting to the spirit.

*Sweet Orange Oil*

Orange Sweet is known for the wonderful uplifting and calming scent which gives you refreshing and hydrating body freshness.

How to use this Essential Oil

First of all, you have to layer the oils & apply the first essential oil. Then you have to rub the oil into your skin before applying the next oil. This essential oils can be used blended or individually with other oils which helps your skin to inhaled or used in a variety of applications around your home. We don’t recommend you to ingest any of our oil use for internally. Some of the essential oils should be avoided by children & pregnant or breastfeeding women. You have to check with your doctor before use this oil.

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