How to live a healthy lifestyle with diabetes

Diabetes makes normal people’s immune system weak. To get along with that we should know How to live a healthy lifestyle with diabetes. Though this is one of the most common diseases in current world, there is no perfect cure of this. We must know about the risk factors and how to protect from them by leading a healthy life and that’s all.

Diabetes and healthy lifestyle:

For a diabetic patient there is no other way left but leading a healthy life in every way. From eating as per rule to exercise and sleeping pattern everything counts.

Diabetes management guidelines

  • Avoiding carb beyond a limited amount:

In diabetes there are large rule of eating habits and the prime one is having exceedingly small amount of carb. You have to follow overall a strict guideline of eating and avoiding carb is the first and foremost of them. You have to follow what doctor detects and guides for you.

  • Eating healthy :

Your immune system has to be strong if you are a diabetes patient. For that exact amount of protein, vitamin, mineral, fat everything is needed in food list. Make a check list according to your nutritionist or doctor and have all kind of healthy foods like green vegetables, fish, meat, egg and so on.

  • Trust only on doctor:

So much myth is in our society, and everyone tends to give advice about eating style to a diabetes patient. But you have to just follow your doctor’s chart. According to your age and diabetes type, weight doctor may vary your diet chart. So, never get along with another patient but your doctor’s recommendation.

  • Eat in right quantity:

You can eat healthy type of food everyday but surely by a right amount as instructed. Eating huge amount even healthy food can push you to grave danger.

  • Avoiding sugar:

Avoid sugar totally. Its because diabetes is directly related to sugar level issue. Fluctuating sugar level is major problem in this disease. Your body can’t process sugar like normal people and breaks above body system. So, you must strictly stay away from sugar.

  • Eat frequently in small amount:

Diabetes is not all about keeping your sugar level low. It’s about keeping sugar level in control. For that we should not be starving for a long time because sometime that can cause to fall our sugar level too. That will be dangerous for a diabetes patient. So, its better to take meal frequently but from right food chart and in small amount

  • Don’t forget medication:

Diabetes is not curable but controllable easily by medication. Always take your medication regularly in exact time

  • Balancing insulin:

In diabetes body can’t make insulin on its own. So when doctor feels your body needs to get insulin from outside he will prescribe insulin injections which has to be takes as instructed.

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