Vi-Tae ‘Get Lathered Up’ Lavender Soap bar

Who doesn’t use soap bar? All use them almost everyday. A big percent of people depend on soap bar for taking care of their skin. Vi-Tae ‘Get Lathered Up’ Lavender Soap bar is the corrects soap for those and by the way for all actually. The soap that never lets you down as that have all the qualities you want to make your skin more glowing and smoother.

Why use Vi-Tae ‘Get Lathered Up’ Lavender Soap bar:

Only using any soap is not a solution for anyone of course. But though you are using a soap regularly and expecting lots of things from that, then you must depend on the best soap as much as you can. In that case an organic or natural soap is always a perfect solution. Because they have the ability to take care of almost all skin problems. In addition they don’t make any interference in other treatment that you want to take and can get the desired output so easily.

Special features:

It has pure lavender flavor with scent and made mixed fragrance as intoxicating. Its organic lavender oil relaxes skin by session of aromatherapy. The natural properties that the oil claims are perfect to defend against stress or depression. It is also preferred for anxiety and headache.


  1. Made with anti aging formula full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  2. Fights to make skin free from radicals
  3. Lavender, sunflower, coconut oil are mixed in the soap for combating you away from age signs.
  4. Skin gets rejuvenated from wrinkles and proper moisture is retained
  5. Organic with complete certification
  6. After a tiring and long day you can be fit and get relaxed

Some extra tips:

You can use the soap in warm shower. That can melt stress you are having in minutes and make you fresh by making your skin nourished.


  1. Manufactured in USA with the highest qualiy
  2. Totally handmade and made with organic elements having USDA.
  3. 100% authentic and free from vegan and paraben
  4. Safe for any type of skin.
  5. No alcohol or petroleum dyes are mixed.
  6. Free from artificial fragrances, fat of animals, preservatives and GMOs.
  7. You can get 1 year money back guarantee


  1. Have only soap form
  2. Can seem over priced for some people
  3. Some advanced benefits that are not possible for soap therapy is not available with this also
  4. Sometimes make your skin a little stiff

Customer product review:

Total 2391 people have liked it after using it. getting positive reviews from so many people i not a task of any random product at all. So, you can easily prefer to have the soap to use. No people have been dissatisfied with the product

Every product has limitation. As a soap having some common limitations is so natural. But Vi-Tae ‘Get Lathered Up’ Lavender Soap bar is that one which overcomes all those with its quality and sense of purity. You can make your day total in touch with nature if you use it for your skin care daily.

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